Hay 集团


  Hay集团于1943年在美国费城成立,是一家全球性管理咨询公司,在全球43个国家设有78个办事处。包括IBM、联合利华等众多“世界500强”在内的全球知名正在使用HAY的服务。其中,全球最受推崇的50家企业中,有35家是HAY集团的客户;全球前十名的企业中,有8家在使用HAY 的体系。从成立至今,HAY已为全球近万家客户提供咨询服务,在70多个国家和地区有分支机构,是世界最有影响力的咨询公司之一,也是全球历史最为悠久的管理咨询公司之一。在过去60多年内,HAY在组织架构和岗位设计、流程优化、人岗匹配、企业文化、领导力选拔与发展、人才管理、薪酬激励等领域进行了大量的开创性的研究,并且获得了业界和客户的高度认可。



Hay Group is a global organizational and human restheirces consulting firm. They actively seek to improve their clients’business in ways that are unparalleled by other consulting firms. They improve business performance by focusing on critical“people, cultural, or organizational”issues that either enhance or restrain success. They work uniquely in the areas of organization structures and roles, reward and talent management to help their clients achieve their strategic objectives. While they have distinct services in each of these areas, they can also solve problems by combining services so that clients’ receive just the right solution for them. They partner with clients and do not over-run them with consultants. They strive to increase the capability of their clients. They transfer their know-how so that — irrespective of the solution — their clients’organizations are stronger as a result of working with us. Therefore, their solutions are not “one off.” They help sustain performance. As a result, Hay maintains an active role inside many ongoing people and organizational processes in some of the world’s most admired companies.

The foundations of their services are extensive knowledge bases, databases, and original research into both organization effectiveness and executive and management behavior. Good data with great science are at the heart of their solutions. As a result their recommendations are authoritative which enables clients to make better choices and in turn strengthen their organizations.
Hay Group is a global company operating in over 41 countries. This reach enables them to offer unique services to multinational companies. Because they see similar problems in different contexts they offer clients unique perspectives. But they are also very aware of cultural differences and the importance of understanding local practices as well as global trends. That is why almost all their local markets are lead by citizens of that country.

They apply the same techniques they offer clients to ensure they have the best people but they are not looking for‘replicable clones.”They want their people to be interesting, responsive, and not afraid to offer thought-provoking insights. They are thought leaders: they offer clients insights from their research and consulting work to shape the business agendas of functional leaders and chief executives in global organizations.